15.-16.08.2020 at Dobbiaco

It was a busy weekend - 12 participants competed.

The Hotel Sonne Sole Toblach invited painters of all ages to capture the "sound of nature" and the surroundings in front of the completed roundabout and at the hotel car park . The "Sun Song of Toblach" could be painted realistically as well as abstractly in the form of a landscape on canvas or paper. Moods were reproduced in color, people were depicted in nature, or nature in the human environment was artistically applied to a sheet in oil or water colors. As the history of art shows, artists have taken up the subject of man and nature / nature and man in their works since Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism. Park-Art showed current moments of connection between humans and nature / nature and humans.

This painting competition, organized for the first time, was framed by EK's exhibition in a colorful and abstract way.

The jurors Sheila Abawi (art patron, Hamburg), Karl Bachmann (artist, Welsberg) and Mayor Dr. Guido Bocher (Toblach) had it very difficult. After a lively debate on how to classify and award the works of art on the subject of “nature and man”, it was decided to make two categories.

The winners in the >Adults<category are:
Tommaso Zucconi - 1st place with "Lo spirito della montagna"
Gisela Wendy Krüger - 2nd place with "Toblacher See"
Elisabetta Manetto - 3rd place with "Chiesa di Santa Maria"

The winners in the >Children< category are:
Chantal Bacchi - 1st place with "natura e uomo"
Matilde Zucconi - 2nd place with "il fiore solare"
Arian Abawi - 3rd place with "Beetle in Action"

We look forward to seeing artists "painting outdoors" again next year.
Daniela Vanin & PARK-ART team